Surrogacy Agency

Why Choose a Surrogacy Agency?

You have choices when thinking about adding to your family. So why choose Shared Conception instead of an independent surrogacy arrangement?

Some Intended Parents independently locate their own surrogate mother and manage all the legal, medical, financial, and travel details themselves. As you will be dealing with the various emotional aspects of the pregnancy plus all the logistics, an intended parent can easily get overwhelmed.

There are so many surrogacy agencies out there. However, when you initially contact us, you will immediately discover that we are unique. We sincerely want the best surrogate mother for your individual situation. As a result, we conduct thorough background checks and screen potential candidates for any medical and psychological issues. With an independent arrangement, you may not locate the ideal candidate for you and your family, plus you may expose yourself to a lot of negativism and risks.

Closely working with Shared Conception, a stellar surrogacy agency, will often eliminate a vast amount of stress, grant you access to the most thoroughly-screened surrogate mothers, and even arrange financial and legal assistance. Naturally, we also provide consistent psychological and emotional support as well.

You will begin a process that includes appointments and possible travel arrangements that need to be scheduled once the perfect surrogate mother for you is chosen. Of course, Shared Conception will expertly manage all the logistics involved, such as finding legal counsel, handling any administrative details, and assisting with financial agreements, including, but not limited to, escrow services and insurance coordination with insurance experts. With us, as your agency for surrogacy, your case is our utmost priority–nothing else.

While the entire surrogacy process may be potentially daunting, our goal is to make the arrangement as simple and as enjoyable as possible. Shared Conception is always at your service and can provide emotional support while guiding you through each stage of the surrogacy journey. We really are here for you!


With So Many Surrogacy Agencies, Why Partner with Shared Conception?

  1. You have our time and attention – Unlike some surrogacy agencies, our staff at Shared Conception, knows exactly who you are whenever you call and thus, can immediately tune into you and your needs.
  2. Competitive Fees– As a boutique agency with an above-par reputation, Shared Conception’s rates favorably compete with other high-end surrogacy agencies in the industry plus, we provide superior matches and stellar customer service. We passionately believe that an individual or couple who strongly desires children should be able to fulfill their personal dreams. Taking advantage of someone’s vulnerabilities is not a goal of Shared Conception. As a matter of fact, the director’s personal journey with infertility is the foundation upon which this surrogacy agency has been built on, as her personal and professional satisfaction comes from helping infertile couples.
  3. High Quality of Surrogate Matches– At Shared Conception, you will not be matched with just anyone who calls in and wants to be a surrogate mother. We will never pressure you to choose a surrogate at your initial meeting with us. We will certainly not spread out countless photos and biographies and ask you to quickly make a choice. At Shared Conception, we thoughtfully and methodically select surrogates and determine matches. Although a rushed, quick match sounds ideal, a more thorough, customized approach is best.

Our surrogacy agency NEEDS to get to know you and the essence of you. We are interested in knowing your personal and familial hopes and dreams. Based on your shared feedback, we will find you the right surrogate. Surrogates in our program provide pregnancy records, insurance policies, and a letter of good health from their doctor and are pre-interviewed, all before you even meet them. Additionally, a criminal background check and Department of Motor vehicles check is done ahead of time. Once matched, your surrogate will go through medical and psychological evaluations specifically with you in mind, and you will also be referred for legal counsel. These steps are specifically designed to competently serve both you – our client and the surrogate with whom you were matched.

  1. Professional Referrals to Industry Professionals– Shared Conception is here to refer you to medical, psychological, insurance, financial, and legal professionals. Those experts will become part of our “team,” with all of us working together to help you achieve your goals.
  1. Escrow Account– Some agencies either co-mingle client funds with agency funds, co-mingle all their clients’ funds together into one account, or refer you to an escrow company that you think is independent but is also owned by the owners of the surrogacy agency.

Shared Conception does not partake in these practices as they can result in a loss of funds for you. Are you positive that the surrogacy agency will not misuse your funds? What happens to your money if the surrogacy agency closes?  In order to avoid these issues, we refer you to an experienced escrow company that is completely independent of our agency. Your money will be deposited in an escrow account, and neither you nor your surrogate will have to worry about bills being paid on time. Now that’s peace of mind.

  1. Knowledge of Industry– With our solid track record since our establishment in 2011, Shared Conception has become a reputable and experienced surrogacy agency. The director, who brings extensive educational background and prior business success, has been leading our organization since its inception. As a result, you can be confident that you are partnering with a surrogacy agency that not only excels in compassion and care but also possesses a deep understanding of the industry and proven expertise.
  2. Re-match Program– If you have three unsuccessful cycles with your surrogate, where one A or B+ embryo was transferred each time, you can be re-matched with a new surrogate for no fee.

Come meet with Shared Conception and see the difference a mixture of compassion and business savvy makes. We look forward to being your surrogacy agency of choice and sincerely wish you a successful surrogate journey and an amazing childbirth experience!