Become a surrogate Mother

Become a Surrogate Mother

Shared Conception’s surrogacy program allows you to become a surrogate mother and realize the long-held dreams of couples and singles who can’t have their own children. While not biologically related to the baby you are carrying, you, as a surrogate, are a critical and essential part of the surrogacy process as you are carrying and delivering a baby created through eggs donated by the mother or an egg donor and sperm donated by the father or a sperm donor.

Becoming a surrogate is a big decision that will greatly benefit your family. By becoming a surrogate mother, your family has made an unforgettable contribution to a couple unable to have babies. At the same time, you receive a generous compensation package that can, quite frankly, transform the future for you and your loved ones. The compensation package includes $50,000++ in compensation and additional benefits, life insurance, as well as any surrogacy-related expenses. Being a surrogate mom is so much more than just monetary compensation, but the compensation sure helps. Many surrogate mothers have enhanced their quality of life for themselves and their families by purchasing a home or car, remodeling their home, getting out of debt, or saving money for future needs.

Shared Conception commits to expertly guiding you and supporting you, the surrogate mother, through each and every step of the process. Upon initial contact, our agency will furnish you with all the applicable information that you need so that you are completely aware of the intricacies involved with the surrogacy process. We stand out from the rest of the agencies in that your expectations and the expectations of the intended parents are all aligned.


How to Become A Surrogate Mother

Shared Conception is extraordinarily selective in selecting surrogates. As a candidate, you MUST pass an extensive and well-thought-out screening, including a medical, psychological, and financial profile. This process only matches you with the RIGHT intended parents.

Qualifications to Become a Surrogate Mother

  • Overall good health
  • Financially secure
  • Birthed at least one child that she is currently raising and experienced uncomplicated pregnancies
  • Be in a happy, stable living environment and have the full support of her spouse or partner
  • Non-smoker and not be using illegal drugs
  • Be between the ages of 21-40 (and potentially a bit older if an experienced surrogate)
  • Have a BMI (height to weight ratio) of 32 or less
  • Enjoy being pregnant and have a sincere desire to help others create or add to their family

After meeting these rigorous requirements, Shared Conception proceeds with the screening phase.

  • Detailed interview
  • Completion of a comprehensive application that includes medical and psychological questions
  • Psychological evaluation and clearance
  • A full and thorough review of all official medical records directly obtained from treating physicians.
  • Successful completion of Criminal and Residential background check

If you meet the above-mentioned requirements and wish to become a surrogate mother, contact us!