Surrogacy Program

Our surrogacy program is stellar. We combine compassion with business savvy and assist you from the first step of the process until you take your baby home. We keep abreast with industry information and are constantly ensuring that we know all we need to know to effectively help you journey towards your dream of expanding your family.

Shared Conception provides the opportunity for infertile couples and individuals to become a family via their genetics and/or any combination of egg or sperm donors.

Couples and individuals consider surrogacy for several reasons, such as the following.

  • The woman was born without a uterus or has had her uterus removed for medical reasons.
  • Several failed IVF transfers.
  • Multiple miscarriages or has been diagnosed as being unable to carry a pregnancy to term.
  • Same-sex male couples or single males.

Two Types of Surrogacy Arrangements

Traditional Surrogacy – In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s eggs are used. Due to the obvious legal and emotional aspects of traditional surrogacy, Shared Conception does not assist with traditional surrogacy arrangements.

Gestational Surrogacy – In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate carries a child conceived from the egg and sperm of two other individuals – the sperm of the intended father or sperm donor and the egg from the intended mother or an egg donor. The sperm and the egg are then fertilized and transferred, via in vitro fertilization, into the surrogate. The eggs of the surrogate mother are never used. As a result, the surrogate mother has no biological ties to the child. Shared Conception only assists with gestational surrogacy arrangements.

Thank you for giving Shared Conception the opportunity to help you fulfill your very personal dreams of having a baby. We commit to providing you with exceptional professionalism and compassion through our surrogacy program. First, we match you with the right surrogate mother to carry your little one, and then we guide you directly to parenthood! This is one of the happiest times of your life, and we sincerely hope that you savor it and enjoy every moment!

Shared Conception’s Surrogacy Programs

Shared Conception offers a comprehensive surrogacy program designed and geared toward YOU.

  • We will inform and assist intended parents and potential surrogates in determining if this is, indeed, the right arrangement for all parties involved.
  • Each surrogate candidate is extensively interviewed prior to acceptance into our surrogacy program.
  • Our amazing surrogate program screens and locates the surrogate mother-to-be – one who suits your preferences and needs- who will be matched and connected with you.
  • Locating a psychologist for the surrogate’s initial screening and assisting with arranging the appointments.
  • Provide all necessary information to the fertility clinic so they can arrange the surrogate’s medical screening.
  • Referral to an egg donor agency if a donor is needed.
  • Assistance in acquiring life and disability insurance (if and as needed) for your surrogate.
  • Assistance in obtaining medical insurance for the surrogate if she doesn’t have medical insurance or if surrogacy is excluded.
  • Preparation of the Intent Agreement which has the compensation and other relevant journey details which is given to the attorneys to make the legal process seamless
  • Expert and affordable legal referrals for drafting contracts and obtaining parental rights.
  • Escrow referrals and advice (assistance in managing and disbursing payments).
  • Our surrogacy parent program will arrange travel arrangements and accommodations for the intended parents or surrogate (as needed).
  • Referrals for a Reproductive Endocrinologist (as needed).
  • Assisting with communication with the fertility clinic in multiple capacities. Attendance of the embryo transfer upon request.
  • Extensive and all-around emotional support.
  • Facilitating communications between intended parents and surrogates and helping to resolve any issues or disputes.
  • We are always compassionate and professional with all parties involved and will answer any questions or concerns you have every step of the way.
  • Attendance at the joyous occasion-the birth (if at all possible)!