The highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry at an affordable price.

A results-oriented, full-service surrogacy agency, Shared Conception provides clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry at an affordable price.  Effectively and efficiently, we match and facilitate gestational surrogacy arrangements with surrogate mothers and Intended Parents residing in the United States and internationally.

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Baby Bytes

Communication after your Journey

There can be lots of questions when intended parents and surrogates team up to create a baby. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the contact between the surrogate and intended parents post journey. The answer isn’t straightforward as every...

Surrogacy and Compensation

One of the first questions that arise when someone finds out you are a surrogate is, “How much do you get paid?” This question can be downright insulting, but it’s just plain curiosity and some people just can’t help themselves. All surrogates do not get paid to have...

Vision and Pregnancy

There are many ways pregnancy can affect your vision. While your body changes temporarily, your eyes can too. Between the hormones, metabolism, fluid retention and blood circulation, pregnant women can experience blurry vision, floaters and light sensitivity. This is...

Healthy Eating While Pregnant

There are obvious rules most know about diet during pregnancy such as no drinking and no smoking. Then, there are some things that you never knew you couldn't have such as raw fish. But even more surprising, you may not realize that you can't have your favorite cheese...