Everyone likes to indulge and spoil themselves every now and again with a spa treatment. It can be a little more difficult when pregnant because of the restrictions for you and your precious cargo. However, a prenatal massage has many benefits and is more than just a “treat”. Not only do you feel much more relaxed afterwards, a prenatal massage can actually help you sleep better! This is a huge bonus, especially during pregnancy when sleep can take a back seat to your comfort level.


What is a prenatal massage and how is it different from a regular massage? A prenatal massage is a specialized technique that is designed for a woman usually in her second trimester up to part way through you third trimester. It’s improves circulation, can give you some energy, and take some of the strain away from your over-worked muscles. A certified massage therapist that specializes in this type of massage uses light pressure as you lay on your sides, as opposed to your back and tummy. Lying on your back is never recommended when you are pregnant. The weight of the baby and uterus can block circulation to the placenta. This can cause complications that no amount of massage can help. It may make you feel light headed, dizzy and other complications.


Prenatal massages also have the same great benefits as a regular massage. Many studies have shown that they relax and loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow. Just remember to drink plenty of water and remain hydrated afterwards. This means that with regular prenatal massages, you should become generally more relaxed. A good massage may help relieve insomnia, alleviate joint pain, and reduce swelling, headaches and even sinus congestion.


Please remember to consult with your doctor before booking your appointment! It is not recommended to have a prenatal massage during your first trimester.  Also, research your masseuse first or ask for recommendations. You want to have a good masseuse that makes this worth it for you. People who specialize in this type of massage, need to be specifically trained. So when booking you’re appointment, please specify that you are pregnant so you can get the right care for you and baby.