A surrogacy contract is a lot of reading but you HAVE TO READ YOUR SURROGACY CONTRACT! It deals with all the financial arrangements. Seriously, we at Shared Conception, cannot over emphasize to our surrogates, how important it is to read the contract. Everything you ever wanted, needed, and even things you never thought about, is in there. It is the Bible of your surrogacy journey and involves everyone- surrogates, egg donors and intended parents alike. If you have any questions whatsoever, you will find the answers in your contract.

Travel plans during your journey? Can you travel at 32 weeks? The answer is in your contract!

These attorneys have thought of nearly every situation and have an answer or solution for all of them and it’s spelled out… in your contract.

It’s crazy how you think of all kinds of questions after signing a legally binding contract. Questions that never would have crossed your mind before this amazing journey began, just simply pop up. Never be afraid to consult or ask your attorney. They will gladly give you the page number of your personalized contract that will tell you all you need to know.

Before you’ve even put pen to paper, your attorney will go over every single page with you. You have the ability to change whatever you would like, so it goes back and forth a bit between yourself and the intended parents. There are a lot of legalities concerning surrogacy and that’s a good thing, even if it is tedious. And you know what? You won’t remember most of it, unless you have a photographic memory. And that’s ok. You’ll have a copy tucked away somewhere that’s available to you when you have a question. It’ll be your own road map of your journey. To avoid extra and unnecessary stress, read your contract!

Knowing your rights and staying well informed from beginning to end makes for such a smoother journey. Trust us, we know. Let’s talk more about surrogacy, give us a call.