frequently asked questions from intended parentsWhen Intended Parents start exploring the option of surrogacy, many questions run through their minds. It can definitely be a confusing process—how to choose a surrogacy agency, how do you get matched with a surrogate, how to get started, etc. In this blog, we try to cover some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between being a gestational surrogate and a traditional surrogate?

With no genetic link to the baby she is carrying, a gestational surrogate is simply the carrier of the fetus. The intended mother or egg donor provides the egg, and the intended father or sperm donor provides the sperm. The gestational surrogate has absolutely NO biological connection to the child.

A traditional surrogate is where the surrogate uses her own biological eggs. As there are numerous emotional and legal aspects of traditional surrogacy, Shared Conception does not handle traditional surrogacy agreements and exclusively offers gestational surrogacy where the eggs of the surrogate mother are never used.

How do you match couples and surrogates?

The information gathered from our initial meeting, and your application is vital to the matching process. After professionally reviewing your needs and circumstances, we immediately start the matching process and will find the ideal surrogate for you. The process of finding the right surrogate mother can be quick or it could take some time, as we are looking for someone whose needs, expectations and views are similar to yours.

Once we have a possible match, we will contact the surrogate and you. If both parties are interested in moving forward, Shared Conception will arrange a conference call between you, the potential surrogate, and a member of the Shared Conception team. If everyone is in agreement, a video will occur, and you and the surrogate-to-be can start building rapport and determine if you want to journey through this surrogate process with each other. A Shared Conception representative will always attend this introductory meeting.

What is our first step in retaining your agency?

We look forward to hearing from you! Simply call or email us. We will promptly contact you so that we can get started on your journey to parenthood!

How much contact will we have with our surrogate throughout the process and after the birth?

The amount of contact between you, the intended parent, and your surrogate is completely based on both of your comfort levels. The majority of surrogates want to develop a comfortable rapport with the intended parents because they realize that these soon-to-be parents want to be a part of the pregnancy.

Shared Conception understands the sensitivity of the overall situation. We will be sure to take both sides’ thoughts, feelings, and wishes into consideration BEFORE making a match.

When do I pay the Surrogate?

After Shared Conception custom matches you with a surrogate and all legal paperwork has been prepared and approved, you will deposit monies into an escrow account managed by an independently-owned escrow agency. These funds will be used to pay for mutually agreed-upon fees including the surrogate’s compensation, medical premiums, travel expenses, etc. Payments typically begin the month following the confirmation of pregnancy.

What happens if my surrogate wants to keep the baby?

It’s important to remember that all parties are psychologically screened and that legal contracts are created to protect everyone’s interest BEFORE we start the surrogacy process. Based on our research, most surrogates want to ensure that YOU, the intended parent, are committed to moving forward as they are not interested in having any more, kids-especially one that is not theirs.


For more FAQs asked by our intended parents, visit our Surrogacy FAQ page here.

Interested in Surrogacy?

If you are interested in learning more about surrogacy options or are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, please contact us at 713-622-1144, and we will be here to help you with any questions.