surrogate gift givingOur intended parents often ask us about gifts for their surrogates. Gifts are not required nor expected, but many intended parents would like to express their gratitude with small tokens of appreciation along the journey.

When Shared Conception matches a surrogate with the intended parents, we share the surrogate’s ‘favorites’ list. This document is a tool to help you get to know your surrogate and help aid in the gift-giving search.

Gifts do not need to be expensive but just small ways to say thank you. Here are some examples of when intended parents most often give a gift: the first time meeting face to face, at the 20 week ultrasound or anatomy scan, and at the baby’s birth. Some intended parents may even give a gift on the surrogate’s birthday. These could include homemade treats, candles, lotions, gift cards, grocery deliveries, maternity clothes, or even a prenatal massage.

As your surrogate recovers after giving birth, she will have emotional periods while her body returns to normal. Special mementos of your baby can help remind her of the incredible journey. Even something small like a card with a picture is a great way of saying you are thinking of her. You may also consider a small gift for your surrogate’s children during the holidays; doing so is a way of recognizing the dedication and love she has for her own family. If you are continuing the relationship between your families after the baby is born, gift-giving may continue for years to come. An example of such a gift would be a scrapbook of his or her milestones to present to your surrogate.

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