Not only is IVF stressful, but so is the post-IVF two week wait!! You can’t wrap yourself in a cocoon of safety and stay stress free for this entire period of time, because life gets in the way. Even so, it is exhausting! You become hyper aware of your body and can’t help but be in tune (and worrisome) of every twinge, ache, pain and cramp.  Some cramping is common. Although it can strike fear in the hearts of many as a sign of a failed cycle, it also may be a sign of implantation. If the cramping is severe or accompanied by bleeding or fever, contact your doctor right away. Otherwise, try to take it easy, especially the first few days. Your doctor will give you instruction about what you can and can’t do in this two-week time period. Light spotting is also common. It occurs in a large percentage of IVF cycles. During the two-week wait, it is normal to spot and is sometimes related with implantation. It is caused by an embryo implanting itself into the uterine wall. But still, you should always let your doctor know about any unusual bleeding. Stress is naturally paired with an IVF cycle. This isn’t surprising. Getting support during the 2-week wait is important for your well-being. Surrounding yourself with loved ones will help reduce any stress and anxiety. Treat yourself to a (doctor approved) long walk, box of chocolate goodies, or a good book. Do something that may take your mind off of your current situation and help pass the time.  Don’t overthink it. You could be pregnant and have no symptoms or be pregnant accompanied by every symptom. You may not be able to help how sensitive you are to your body at this time. Just try your best not to obsess over it. Always remember, your doctor is the best source for medical questions and concerns and will instruct you regarding the limits of what you can and can’t do for the next two weeks.  Take a slow deep breath; you will survive the two-week wait! If you have any questions, Shared Conception will be here for you! We can even put you in contact with others that have been through this situation. Call us today!