Surrogacy isn’t an avenue people take “just because”. Contrary to popular belief, most people don’t use a surrogate mother to carry their child because they don’t want to ruin their figure, interrupt their life or just don’t want to be pregnant. It’s much more emotional than that. Here are the top 5 reasons why people need surrogacy in their lives:

1.    Some women encounter uterine issues that prevent them from carrying a baby. Fibroids and uterine scarring can make it difficult to carry a pregnancy to term. Many women with these issues have faced multiple miscarriages. 

2.    Aside from uterine issues, there are other medical conditions that might mean surrogacy is the best or safest option for the intended Mother. Sometimes these medical conditions are diagnosed after a miscarriage. Heart or kidney issues have a negative impact on the ability to carry and can require medications that are unsafe for a fetus.

3.    Certain cancers may cause a woman to have a hysterectomy which in many cases can require the need to explore other family-planning option such as surrogacy. 

4.    If a woman has been pregnant before and experienced severe problems resulting from that pregnancy, she might choose surrogacy as a safer alternative for both herself and her baby. 

5.    A single individual or couple may choose surrogacy because of lifestyle or logistical limitations (LGBTQ couples, for example may require a surrogate in order to conceive). 

Regardless of the reason why someone needs a surrogate, what is most important is that they have choices in regards to how they will build their family.

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