Many have wondered (and this is one of our frequently asked questions) … What happens to a surrogate mother after she delivers the baby? Honestly, she has most likely jumped back into the routine of her life with her own spouse or partner and children, and possibly experiencing post-partum mood swings. It’s totally normal. Our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, has received many calls and emails about successful surrogate birth stories. However, some of these women share a common yet realistic topic: it is not all happy all the time. All of these women are uplifting and inspirational, but can still get depressed immediately after giving birth.


Think about it. When you immerse yourself 24/7 into the chosen role of a surrogate for 12 months or longer, it encompasses you. Then, after the wonderful shining moment of birth passes, it’s over; just like that! The time, preparation and execution involved in the process are achieved and over in an instant (much like a graduation or wedding)!  It’s nearly the same with every surrogacy arrangement; a surrogate dedicates approximately one year to helping the intended mother experience something she can never personally experience by  herself. And that is more than a full time job! However, what happens after that?


Some surrogate mothers have shared their emotions with us and have mentioned feeling completely elated one minute and devastated the next, because their participation in this amazing experience has concluded. And in most cases, it is not the baby they miss. They miss the journey and the miss the close relationship with the intended parents.


These emotions and reactions are completely normal, it’s just not usually openly discussed. Any potential surrogate should be aware that she isn’t the only surrogate mother who has ever cried when the baby left the hospital with his or her new parents, or when she says goodbye to her intended parents.


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