The holidays bring many joyous tasks. One of them is cookie baking. Maybe not just cookies, but elaborate meals, other desserts, heavy appetizers and traditional dishes. Whatever you choose to make, it can be tasking on your body when you are pregnant. Shared Conception would like to share our remedies for a more comfortable and enjoyable kitchen experience.

Anti-fatigue mats. These mats are a game changer! They are not just for the workplace. Pregnant or not, it is worth the investment. These mats reduce stress on your joints and muscles allowing blood to circulate more evenly throughout your feet and legs. You can find them on Amazon, in Costco and other price club stores for a great price. Make sure they are sturdy, at least ¾” thick so you can enjoy the benefits. Standing on hard surfaces such as wood and tile can be aggravating to your joints. Anti-fatigue mats will reduce the risk of a loss in circulation and provide comfort while cooking and baking.

A good pair of shoes.Good shoes are worth the investment. Designate these shoes as “house shoes” so you don’t bring in the dirt from outside into your house. It also helps minimize joint and muscle discomfort. Best of all, they don’t have to be pretty. Just make sure your shoes are comfortable and have thick bottoms, provide arch support and are preferably rubber-soled for added comfort. Slip-ons omit the need to bend over or worry about tying your shoes. Again, anything to avoid bending over and possibly losing your balance! You may even want to purchase shoes in a larger size, as many women find their feet grow and swell with pregnancy.

Posture. Good news; this tip is free! It just requires some awareness. Imagine a straight line running from your ears to your shoulders, and to your hips and knees. Keep your chin tucked in and raise your head and shoulders to help you stand tall. Also, keep that pelvis tucked in. Have your feet slightly apart and avoid locking your knees. Don’t forget to take a break! It may take you longer to complete a task, but this is necessary. While pregnant, it is always best to avoid standing for too long.

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