For some families, the idea of adding a baby to the mix is bittersweet. Some couples cannot create babies on their own and need a little help. Surrogate mothers are the answers to these couples’ dreams.

It takes a special lady to become a surrogate mother. Sure there are the physical, emotional and economical restraints, but it takes something else to become a surrogate. It takes a whole lot of heart. It takes a very special woman to open up her body to help make a couple into a family.

These women sacrifice their own bodies for the sake of others. They want to see other families enjoy the love and comfort only a baby can provide. Surrogate mothers understand the unconditional joy a baby brings, and are ready to spread that happiness to other couples.

Surrogate mothers are selfless and loving. They come to help in times of need. They love being pregnant and want to share the birth of a baby with that special couple ready to expand into becoming a family.

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