Have you been contemplating using surrogacy as a means to expand your family? If so, you’re not alone. Surrogacy is gaining traction worldwide, and more individuals are viewing it as the best option when they are unable to conceive naturally.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of choosing surrogacy:

  1. Planning for When You are Ready: Utilizing surrogacy to start a family allows for planning the pregnancy to a certain extent. Whether you’re coordinating with life events or aiming for a specific time of the year to have a child, you can establish a general timeline and strive to align with it. While surprises can still occur, you have some ability to guide the process.
  2. Parenting From Birth: If having children naturally isn’t possible, adoption is a wonderful way to become a parent, but it has its constraints. In adoption, the child is typically older, and you miss the experience of bonding with a child from their infancy. With surrogacy, you ensure the opportunity to be there from day one, experiencing the initial smiles, laughter, and milestones. However, both adoption and surrogacy are great options for starting your family.
  3. The Pregnancy Journey: Unlike adoption or other paths to parenthood, surrogacy provides the pregnancy experience. Although you’re not carrying the pregnancy, you still get to witness sonograms, hear the heartbeat, and anticipate the journey to becoming a parent.
  4. Biological Parenthood: If having a biological child is important to you, the only way, apart from giving birth, is through surrogacy. Sustaining a bloodline and passing on genetic traits holds significant value for many individuals, including same-sex couples. Surrogacy allows you to use your own sperm and eggs if they are viable, or you can opt for donors for one or both components.
  5. Empowerment and Control: Uncertainty and high costs often lead individuals to discontinue infertility treatments. The unpredictability can take a toll on their lives, causing them to abandon the pursuit. Surrogacy offers a sense of control. You make crucial decisions, such as selecting a donor egg source, determining when the pregnancy occurs, choosing the surrogate, and more. Your journey toward parenthood begins with taking charge and collaborating with a surrogacy agency.


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