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The rumors simply won’t die.

When you’re a big superstar like Beyonce and actress Holly Madison, for better or for worse rumors and lack of privacy comes with the territory.

Beyonce’s baby bump came into question during an interview. Some say something just didn’t look right about her bump at the time. Some think Beyonce used a surrogate to have her baby Blue Ivy.

Another celebrity under the microscope is Holly Madison. She got back into shape so fast after the birth of her baby that rumors began to circulate about whether she carried her baby at all or used a surrogate.

This whole did she or didn’t she, puts surrogacy in a negative light…again.

Having a baby via a surrogate isn’t a bad thing.

And to suggest that these women used a surrogate for vanity’s sake… Well, that’s just cruel; not only to the women whom the insult is hurled but also to the industry, the families who use surrogacy and the mothers who give of themselves to help others. Surrogacy isn’t paying someone to do the “dirty work” of having a baby.

There is nothing wrong with a woman hiring a surrogate mother to bear her children if she can’t have them on her own. And there are so many women who want to experience pregnancy and childbirth. They’re usually heartbroken when they find out they can’t bear children of their own.

I wish these rumors would stop; for Beyonce and Holly’s sake certainly, and also for the families and surrogate mothers who rely on this loving service to grow their families.