For most people, covering the costs of surrogacy requires planning and organization. Here are some of Shared Conceptions favorite tips to help make the financial aspect of your surrogacy journey go smoothly:

1.  Share your story. Surrogacy is the ultimate example of people helping people. Being open about your intent to pursue surrogacy can help you gain the support of family and friends. In some cases, family members of intended parents have chipped in to help with expenses. But even if friends and family can’t assist you financially, counting on the emotional support and encouragement of the people who matter to you most can make your journey to parenthood through surrogacy much easier.

2.  Start putting funds aside. Consider setting aside money over time. Most intended parents come to a surrogacy agency after a period of careful thought and research. This is a good time to start saving.

3.  Remember you can influence the overall costs. While the surrogacy journey can be unpredictable, remember that the preferences you express and the choices you make can affect your overall expenses, including the clinic you work with. You can also look into various surrogacy programs to see which is right for you.

4.  Consider your financing options. You may be able to obtain loans from banks or lending agencies to help you cover the costs including the financing institution that Shared Conception has a relationship with. Ask us how.  Also, many intended parents also look into home equity loans as an option to pay back a portion of their expenses over time. Some intended parents even investigate the possibility of secured or unsecured loans from medical financing companies.

5.  Evaluate all of your insurance options. There are a variety of insurance options available to cover the medical costs of surrogacy, so make sure you take time to look into which is right for you. Ask for information about deductibles, enrollment fees, premiums, and out-of-pocket maximums.