If you really think about it, the actual process of surrogacy sounds is an amazing advance in reproductive technology. The act of creating an embryo and placing it into someone to carry for nine months, so that someone else can raise that baby sounds like it comes straight out of a science fiction novel. We are lucky to be living in a time where this can be done, usually successfully. As you also know, the technology does not take out the very emotional element that affects everyone – the parents-to-be, siblings, grandparents, etc. To find a surrogate mother is to find someone who can handle this complex combination of technology and emotion.

Finding a Surrogate Mother You Can Trust

Finding a surrogate mother you can trust first means that she must be completely informed as to what is going to happen throughout the entire process. It takes experience and the ability to be thorough in order to inform a potential surrogate on what is to come. It takes resources to dip into a pool of good potential surrogate mother. Also, qualifying the potential surrogate mother makes sure that she is up to the task physically as well as emotionally.

Things To Consider When Finding a Surrogate Mother

When finding a surrogate mother, think about your own assumptions and expectations.

What is required?

What would be nice to see, but not a deal breaker?

What would be an absolute deal breaker for you?

Always be evaluating your own standards, to be sure that they are realistic and fair. Always be researching and learning something new about the process.

Set intentions about how you want the pregnancy to go. Write them down and organize your thoughts. Then, sit down with a potential surrogate and ask her what she thinks, like communication, diet, exercise, etc.

Finding a surrogate mother is a big decision. You will want to make sure you consider all your options, like age, lifestyle, medical history and family medical history. Above all else, trust your heart, when you meet someone. Trusting your heart can be the single most effective way of finding the surrogate mother of your dreams.