halloween and surrogacy

If you’re going through the surrogacy journey this fall, whether as a surrogate or as intended parents, the excitement and desire to share the joy are undoubtedly overflowing. Here are several fun and imaginative ways to share some of the magic:

  1. Themed Costumes

For surrogates, donning traditional pregnancy-themed costumes can be a hit. This article from Pregnancy Magazine has 10 great last minute costume ideas: https://www.pregnancymagazine.com/pregnancy/top-10-last-minute-pregnancy-costume-ideas-for-halloween

  1. Baby Gear in Your Fall Display

If you plan to have a cornucopia as part of your fall display, incorporate a pacifier or other tiny trinkets to subtly acknowledge the upcoming arrival of the little one. This could also be a discreet way for intended parents to unveil the surrogacy news during the holiday season.

  1. Craft a Jack-o-Lantern or Scarecrow Family

Create Jack-o-lanterns tailored to represent each family member. If you’re a surrogate aiming to establish a special bond with the intended parents, engage your family in crafting a meaningful pumpkin that symbolizes the baby. Present it as a heartfelt gift to the intended parents. Similarly, you can fashion scarecrows to commemorate the event uniquely within the seasonal theme.

  1. Initiate a Pay-It-Forward Gift Chain

Assemble a thoughtful gift basket for someone you know- this could be your surrogacy agency, the intended parents, your spouse or anyone else that is part of your support system- and accompany it with a note suggesting they pay it forward by anonymously gifting someone else. During Halloween, “You’ve Been Booed” notes are quite popular.

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