There are obvious rules most know about diet during pregnancy such as no drinking and no smoking. Then, there are some things that you never knew you couldn’t have such as raw fish. But even more surprising, you may not realize that you can’t have your favorite cheese because it is unpasteurized. And, as much as you may crave it – no raw cookie dough.

There are so many foods to be weary of that it’s hard to remember them all. As overwhelming as it may feel, always remember that it is temporary. And, if you are not certain of the food you are about to ingest, wait and talk to your doctor about it. Remember, you could always have it at another time. Taking care of yourself throughout pregnancy will help you feel better from start to finish.

Take note of the foods below that are great for surrogates and their developing babies.

Fruits and berries: Fruit is a good carb for pregnant mamas, and contains essential vitamins and minerals for baby.

Green Leafy Veggies: Broccoli, Kale, and Spinach are great sources of foliate, fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin A. You can add these Greens to your smoothies and not even taste it!

Nuts, beans, and seeds: A handful of nuts is a great snack but do not discount beans! Chickpeas, lentils, black beans, soybeans are full of protein, iron, fiber, Zinc and calcium – just to name is few.

This is just a small list of nutritious foods for you and baby. It is always important to maintain healthy habits throughout your journey.

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