How much are surrogates compensated?

At Shared Conception, each surrogate determines her fee to the intended parents. Many factors go into this overall number. Has the woman been a surrogate before? Is there travel time and cost involved? Will the surrogate’s health insurance be used or will she be required to purchase a new plan? Will this be considered a difficult pregnancy? Will there be more than one embryo or a multiple birth?

In addition, some surrogates have additional fees they include in their overall cost. Maternity clothes and a monthly allowance for paperwork and time involved in doctor’s visits are also factored in.

Also, if the pregnancy becomes high-risk, many surrogates have added expenses. Housecleaning services and lost wages are included if the surrogate is required to be on bed rest.

Answering these and several other questions can help a surrogate determine her base fee. Once the surrogate and her intended families are matched together, the parties negotiate to come up with the final compensation package.

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