surrogacy revealAnnouncing the birth of your baby is always an exciting moment. Typically, these announcements are made with pictures of the new baby with the stats such as weight, length, and time of birth. But how do you announce the birth of a baby born via surrogacy? Here are some tips.

Photoshoots are a popular choice to tell others about your surrogacy journey visually. These photoshoots can include the intended parents, with or without the surrogate. However, including the surrogate is a fun way to document the journey for your child.

Another tradition many soon-to-be parents partake in is the gender reveal party. This is still possible even when you’re having the baby with a surrogate. Inviting your surrogate to the party, will help build upon your connection with her and help you feel closer to your baby. A gender reveal party can be combined with a baby shower. Even if you are not the one giving birth to your baby, the idea is to celebrate the baby and pregnancy. It should be a fun occasion for the Intended Parents and for the surrogate. It’s also a great way to introduce your surrogate to your friends and family.

If having a party seems too impersonal, you can start by having an intimate sit down with your loved ones. This conversation should be held somewhere everyone feels at ease, such as at home. Most likely, your family will have many questions about surrogacy, so be prepared to answer questions they may have. Having this intimate conversation will make for less stress for all those involved.

Many doctors recommend with a traditional pregnancy, parents wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy to make any announcements- at this point, the risk of miscarriage decreases significantly. While this is still true with surrogacy as well, many intended parents wait until halfway through the pregnancy or even when their baby is born to share their news with the world. While telling loved ones early on in the journey is important, this can be done privately, and then once the baby is here, it can be announced to everyone else in your network.

In the end, this is your story, and it’s completely up to you on how and when you choose to announce it.

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