There may be a time in your journey that you will be asked invasive and sometimes offensive questions about the surrogacy process. Some awkward moments are bound to happen. By choosing to be a surrogate, these awkward moments sometimes come with the territory. It may be an uncomfortable question asked by a relative, or a stranger asking, “How can you give up the baby?” Although you are not obligated to give an answer or justify your decisions, if you do answer, it helps remind the curious of the wonderful gift you are about to give a family.

Sometimes it may be as simple as handling these moments with a giggle or a smile. You may even want to take the opportunity to educate inquiring minds about the surrogacy process. The majority of the public is unaware of what exactly a surrogate does. Surrogacy is relatively new to mainstream America. Take this as an opportunity to show the positive side of surrogacy. You have the ability to direct the discussion to focus on the good side of surrogacy and what your journey provides a family.

There are more good times than bad when you become a surrogate. You are creating families and making the impossible, possible. We would love to support and guide you through your journey. Call Shared Conceptions and become a surrogate with us.