For couples who have long yearned for parenthood, surrogates are no less than superheroes for them. Selflessness, unconditional empathy, and desire to complete another couple’s family make them superheroes. The amazing fact is that they’re ordinary women, but they do incredible things in their ordinariness, like volunteering for a phenomenal cause.

Every woman is precious and unique: you’ll find women from all walks of life stepping up to be surrogates, including stay-at-home moms, lawyers, teachers, factory workers, and even students. What unites these extraordinary women is their mutual and astounding desire for an experience that is greater and more fulfilling than anything else.

Surrogacy is an incredible calling. But what are the motivating factors or the signs that help a woman recognize her calling for it? Let’s find out below.

1. A Desire to Help Barren Couples or individuals Start their Family

For women, there can be no surer sign that they are called to be surrogates than having a heartfelt desire to help couples/individuals become parents. A woman may know of a barren couple/individual in her circle or may feel the emptiness and longing ache of those who don’t have children.

Hence, if she feels an undeniable desire to help give life and facilitate others experiencing the joy of parenthood, it is a sign of her calling. Realizing her ability to create life and complete another family signifies a calling for surrogacy.

Many women may find it challenging to put their unique perspectives into words. But it is the indescribable desire of wanting to share the unique experience of completion, parenthood, and life-creation that is the first sign of their calling.

2. Empathizing with Those Struggling with Infertility

Infertility has become a widespread struggle for many, as the surrogacy agencies in Texas will testify. Around ten percent or more women in the US alone struggle to get pregnant or carry their pregnancy to term safely every year. Women who are deeply empathetic and passionate with those struggling with infertility realize their calling for surrogacy.

A sure sign of your calling to be a surrogate is when you wish, above anything else, to provide a safe alternative to another couple. Medical experts will testify that surrogacy is the safest alternative for those struggling with genetic pregnancies.

Hence, when you feel the overpowering desire to carry a baby in your womb just so another couple can have a family, you know you are called to be a surrogate.

3. The Experience

Others find pregnancy overwhelming, but those who have a calling for surrogacy find it a rewarding, wholesome, unique, and enjoyable experience. If you relate to all these feelings, you should evaluate how much you would love to be a surrogate.

When some women reach the end of their pregnancy journey, they feel a strange sense of nostalgia. It begins when they experience the first kick, and lasts all the while they are pregnant. If this is what you feel, too, then there can be no doubt that you have the heart and soul of a surrogate.

Often, the reason behind repeated surrogacies is because women wish to relive the amazing feeling of giving life, being a protector and a carrier for a precious bundle of joy. It is even more wholesome and rewarding when this feeling combines with the joy and pride of seeing another family complete because you could deliver for them.

4. Wanting to Belong to the Surrogacy Sisterhood Community

Surrogacy is a tight-knit sisterhood community. It is a community of gestational carriers wanting to carry the baby for other women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term. If you feel a deep longing to belong and contribute to this community and belong to it forever, you are called to be a surrogate.

The surrogacy sisterhood community uplifts other women by sharing their life-giving journey. It is a community where women reach out to help each other, experience a remarkable journey with them, and be their support to lean on in distressing times.

The community celebrates together when a family completes and does not let a couple’s longing for parenthood and having their own family remain unfulfilled. Those who wish to play a significant part in this journey of completion are doubtlessly born to be surrogates.

Becoming a Surrogate – Evaluate Yourself

When you have identified the signs of your calling and are willing to embark on the journey, take some time to evaluate your readiness. Perhaps you can prepare yourself by questioning your perspectives, your objectives, and yourself with these questions:

  • Do I lead the kind of lifestyle necessary for the process of surrogate pregnancy? What do I need to change or restructure to make it easier?
  • What are my reasons for becoming a surrogate?
  • Am I ready to change my personal life, family responsibilities, and career to become a surrogate?
  • Am I willing to compromise my work time and career objectives for a year?
  • Will I manage to keep up with the medical plan for surrogate fertility?
  • Can anything in my background raise a potential red flag about my ability to deliver a child safely? Do I have optimal health for completing a successful pregnancy journey for another?
  • Am I willing to work with the intended parents for this journey and give them a year of my life to complete their family?

With these questions, your willingness and resolve to become a surrogate will become more straightforward, and even stronger. It will also give you a clear analysis of your emotional, mental and physical readiness to undergo what will indeed be a unique and larger-than-yourself experience of life.

Final Thoughts

The calling of surrogacy is like no other. It rewards the surrogate women in a way that no other achievements in life can match up to. For women who recognize the desires, the empathy, and the soul-deep willingness to end the struggle of another, there can be no greater sign than their greater calling to be a surrogate.

Once you deliver a child safe on another’s behalf, it will change your life in the best way possible. If you have further questions regarding the surrogacy process, feel free to contact us.