If you are just beginning your surrogacy journey, an important step is being matched with a surrogate mother. At Shared Conception, matching is a wonderful process in which Shared Conception excels in. We match surrogates with intended parents based on legal requirements, personality compatibility, preferences, and similar expectations.

We want to ensure that the surrogate and the intended parents are certainly equal in their beliefs and, most importantly, inner strength and that the surrogate has a harmonious pregnancy.

The information gathered from our initial meeting, and your application is vital to the matching process. After our professionals review your needs and circumstances, we immediately start the matching process and will find the ideal surrogate for you. The matching process can take a few days or weeks; other times, it can be a few months. Factors we use when looking for matches include personalities, location, fees, insurance coverage, type of contact wanted during the pregnancy and after delivery, as well as many other factors. We are looking for someone whose needs, expectations, and views are similar to yours.

Once there is a possible match, we contact the surrogate and the intended parents. We send your profiles to one another, and if both parties are interested in moving forward, Shared Conception arranges a Zoom video call between the parties and a member of our team. This is an excellent opportunity to start getting to know each other and building important rapport. Shared Conception will ensure the level of interaction between the IPs and surrogate is acceptable and comfortable for everyone before entering into a contract together.

This is such an exciting time in the process. Imagine all the hopes, dreams, expectations, and anticipation all wrapped up in the match between two families.

If you are curious about becoming a surrogate or want to learn more about how surrogacy works in our great state of Texas, contact us today! We are always here to help provide education and resources and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your surrogacy options.