A common apprehension when considering surrogacy is the injections that must be administered before the IVF transfer and throughout the first trimester. Shared Conception would like to share with you our new findings that will put you at ease! Our surrogates are just raving about this new and helpful tool when administering injections. It’s called Buzzy Mini. It’s a small device that acts as a massager to minimize pain from a shot. Through the magic of vibration and ice pain-blocking methods, it can alleviate pain associated with the (sometimes apprehensive) injections all surrogates must dispense.


It has two reusable slip-on ice wings that last for up to 100 uses, batteries (AAA), and instruction. Many surrogates have praised this method – so we HAVE to share. The anxiety about these shots runs high with many surrogates. And that is totally normal. The truth is, you get used to it quickly.


The science behind this item is the gate control theory. When nerves receive non-painful signals such as vibration and cold, our brain shuts off pain signals. Like if you burn a finger on a hot coffee cup, you instinctively act by rubbing it or running it under cold water. This is the body’s way of sending non-pain signals to your nerves to prevent that feeling of pain. It comes in many cute colors, and you can use this long after your short window of administering injections ends.


Find the method that works for you and stick to it! Most surrogates find they do not need any preparation before administering their shots after the first week. Remember, the first is always the hardest, and the last is the most rewarding!


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