Another frequently asked question we often discuss with potential surrogates is: “Can I become a surrogate if I am a single mom?” The answer is a big “YES!” Some of our best surrogates are strong and empowered single mothers. Single moms also have the desire to help others create a family.


If you are looking into surrogacy and are an independent woman that has a longing to give back with this amazing gift, you can become a surrogate. As with married women who become surrogates, there are slightly different requirements to become a gestational carrier as a single woman.


A single surrogate attends both screening and match meetings by herself. Shared Conception contacts your self-appointed primary support person to ensure that you, as a potential surrogate, are provided with the support needed throughout the journey.


We do not expect you to put your life on hold going through the matching process and throughout the pregnancy. While you may be single initially, or throughout stages of pregnancy, dating is allowed during the course of your journey. We even have had a couple situations where a single surrogate has met their husbands during their journey. If you decide to date, we stress that you should be upfront and honest with your significant other. Make sure that you are clear about your circumstances in your developing relationships.


In our experience, when you are matched and begin your journey as a single surrogate, there is no clause about dating in your surrogacy contract. There are no set of rules for dating but, it is highly recommended not to have sex with any partner that has not been tested for STD’s. Contracting an STD when carrying can impose serious legal risks for the surrogate along with health risks for the baby.


Shared Conception is happy to talk with you about any new relationships and ways to discuss your situation.


Many of our single surrogates tell us that, in certain ways, going through a journey is freeing and empowering. If you are a single woman considering surrogacy, we understand that you may have plenty of questions. Shared Conception can help you navigate this important decision and help answer any additional questions you may have. Call us today.