Surrogacy in some form has been around for ages.

You can even see early forms of it in some religious texts.

In Jewish and Christian writings you have:

§ Sarah’s servant acting as a kind of surrogate; and

§ The growth of Jacob’s family through the use of surrogates.

In each of these instances, the sperm of the father and the egg of the surrogate produced the heir(s).

Thankfully, surrogacy in this century looks completely different due to the advances in the medical field.

Now, an embryo created from the intended parents can be transferred into a surrogate mother who will then carry the baby to term. The baby has no biological connection to the surrogate mother and is a genetically connected offspring of both the intended parents.

For women who are unable to produce eggs, donated eggs and the father’s sperm can create the embryo and that embryo transferred to the surrogate mother.

Today, parents who want to have children have a wide range of options to create the family they desire.

Surrogacy allows intended parents to create their families using their own egg and sperm or donated matter. It’s all possible thanks to surrogates who are willing to give the gift of life to loving and caring intended parents. As you can tell, we are passionate about creating YOUR family for you. Give our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, a call and start your unforgettable journey towards your enhanced family unit.