It’s easier not to keep your New Year’s resolutions than to actually keep them.  But, allow your pregnancy to serve as a great motivator for looking after yourself. Here are some very popular New Year’s Resolutions, as told by our surrogates.

  1. Eat well– We all know a balanced diet ensures that a baby has everything they need to grow. It also gives you the proper nutrition for a healthier and happier pregnancy. The Holidays are full of traditional and gourmet goodies we normally do not eat throughout the year, so a nice dose of fruit and vegetables daily will keep those unhealthy snacks to a minimum.
  2. Stay active– Fitting even the smallest amount of exercise into your daily routine is great for both baby and surrogate. Even if you just park further from the mall entrance while shopping or choose the stairs instead of the escalator, staying active can help you remain more comfortable throughout your journey.
  3. Remain positive – Life is very stressful and sometimes we get to our wits end. Research shows that pregnant women who have a more positive outlook have better, healthier pregnancies. Even pregnancy friendly exercises like yoga, or meditation can help you maintain a sunny outlook.
  4. Rest – Ever hear someone say “you’re pregnant, you deserve it.”? And YES, you do! Take advantage of your situation and put your feet up, take a nap and just do nothing! It’s good for you! And, this is a time in your life when it is acceptable because your body is working 24/7, and needs more rest than usual.
  5. Believe in yourself – You are an amazing person doing an amazing thing. Even though you enjoy pregnancy, it’s not always easy, but, you got this! When times are tough, reach out to your Shared Conception coordinator or our private Facebook page – just for our surrogates. You’ll find your sisterhood of surrogates are there to support you and empathize because, we all have been there!

Shared Conception hopes these little bits of information can offer a more fulfilling surrogacy for you and your intended parents! If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, give us a call today. We would love to hear from you for a no pressure informative chat! And Happy New Year!