Reasons to become a surrogate motherThe motivations behind a woman’s decision to become a surrogate are diverse. If you’re contemplating this selfless journey, it’s likely that you’ve already compiled a list of reasons. Nevertheless, here are nine additional benefits to consider:

  1. Granting Life: Surrogates are presented with the opportunity to bestow a unique gift. Intended parents turn to surrogacy seeking assistance in conceiving a child, and you become the pivotal figure facilitating the formation of their family. Your selfless act can transform an only child into a big sister or brother, and the sense of accomplishment becomes a unique benefit.
  2. Financial Incentive: Yes, there is financial compensation involved. While most surrogates emphasize that financial gain isn’t the sole motivation, it’s a noteworthy benefit. Many use the compensation for significant purposes such as a home down payment, a new car, education expenses, or debt settlement. Some leverage the funds to start a business or even opt to stay at home with their own children.
  3. Reexperiencing Pregnancy: Surrogates often express their love for being pregnant. If you enjoyed uncomplicated pregnancies but feel your own family is complete, becoming a surrogate allows you the gratifying experience of pregnancy once more.
  4. Role Model Status: Choosing surrogacy sets you apart as a standout figure, not only within your household but also in your community. Earning the respect of your own children and peers is a significant benefit.
  5. Sense of Generosity: Children in surrogacy families may develop a sense of generosity and a willingness to help others. Witnessing their parent’s altruistic act can inspire them to be compassionate individuals.
  6. Global Perspective: Embracing surrogacy broadens your perspective, both personally and socially. Taking this journey offers the benefit of understanding all walks of life, fostering both humility and empowerment.
  7. Boost in Self-Confidence: On delivery day, amidst the challenges and fatigue, something extraordinary occurs. You give birth to a child unrelated to you, creating a family and influencing the world. This moment elevates your self-confidence to unprecedented heights, providing a sense of pride that can only be truly understood through experience.
  8. A Unique Family Bond: Many intended parents seek an emotional connection with their surrogates, leading to enduring bonds for many of our surrogates. Think of it as an extended family that you have the privilege to choose
  9. Community Involvement: Choosing to be a Shared Conception surrogate provides a VIP pass to join a community of like-minded women. As a family-oriented and community-minded surrogacy agency, Shared Conception looks forward to welcoming you into this supportive network.

Regardless of the reasons prompting your consideration of surrogacy, recognize that you are already an extraordinary woman. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, Shared Conception looks forward to hearing from you in this new year! Please contact us at 713-622-1144, and we will be here to help you with any questions.