surrogacy journeyBeing a surrogate provides a ray of hope for other families. This knowledge strengthens the resolve of a surrogate and helps surrogates stay strong through the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy. Surrogates should embrace and celebrate that they will be the giver of the most invaluable gift.

Surrogates work on fostering a connection with the intended parents. Surrogates make them as much a part of the journey as they can so that the intended parents can begin building cherished memories for their future family.

How Surrogacy Affects the Surrogate

Many former and current surrogates say the process of surrogacy will be a life-changing experience but in the best of ways. While they do receive a base compensation for it, the best reward is being able to provide this meaningful gift to a loving couple.

Surrogacy is a selfless and fantastic gift, but it takes a woman of phenomenal strength to volunteer for it and she should feel immense pride.

What Surrogate Mothers have to Say

What does being a surrogate feel like? They say it is one thing to go through the action and the steps, but it is another to embrace the emotional journey. Their best approach, say experienced surrogates, is to hear the stories of other surrogate women, just as they share a glimpse of theirs here.

They say the amazing journey of other surrogate mothers inspires them to become one. For one surrogate mother, her surrogacy journey began with realizing how much she loved being pregnant. She has three little boys of her own. When her own family was complete, she knew she had to share this gift others. In mutual agreement with her husband, she began her inspirational surrogacy journey.

Final Thoughts

For surrogates, helping others comes very naturally to them. For them, surrogacy builds upon one vital truth: they can help two people become parents and experience the extraordinary joy of nurturing a life.

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