Having a surrogate deliver your baby is a fragile situation. We at Shared Conceptions want to make sure the journey is legally correct, both for the surrogate and intended parents.

Texas is considered “surrogate friendly.” What’s this mean for you? Texas has specific laws on the books regarding surrogacy versus many other states that use case law instead of written law or ban surrogacy all together.

There are two legal agreements that are entered into between both parties. One agreement is signed by all parties at least 14 days before the embryo transfer. Another agreement is entered into when the pregnancy is confirmed. Both documents ensure the legal safety of both the surrogate and intended parents, including specifically outlining which party is financially responsible for the pregnancy and delivery.

Also, the legal paperwork ensures the intended parents name will be presented on the baby’s birth certificate, not the surrogate’s name.

Do you have more legal questions about surrogacy? Find out more about Shared Conceptions here. https://sharedconception.com/surrogacy-texas