When a surrogate is sick during pregnancy, careful consideration must be taken to ensure both her well-being and the baby’s health. Many doctors provide a list of medications and remedies deemed safe during pregnancy, but this list may be limited, particularly in the first trimester. Surrogates are advised to avoid self-medicating with herbal or over-the-counter products without consulting their healthcare provider. This precaution is crucial as new medical findings may have altered the safety profile of commonly recommended treatments.

If experiencing symptoms like congestion, it’s important to recognize that this might not always be due to a cold. Many pregnant women experience Rhinitis of Pregnancy, a benign condition caused by increased estrogen levels and blood volume, leading to swollen nasal passages and congestion. This condition is not related to allergies or infections but requires management to alleviate discomfort.

For allergies that were present before pregnancy and may intensify, it’s essential to avoid allergens and consult a healthcare provider for safe medication options. Non-pharmaceutical remedies can also be effective. Elevating the head with multiple pillows can help alleviate congestion—a practice that also conveniently compensates for the tendency to displace bedcovers during pregnancy.

Hydration is key, and staying in a warm, moist environment after a shower can help, as can breathing through a warm, damp washcloth. Saline nasal drops or sprays (without added medications) are safe and can help clear nasal passages. Using a clean vaporizer or humidifier at night can also provide relief.

Finally, it’s important to avoid irritants like smoke, chemical fumes, and dust. Ensuring that the living environment is free from allergens such as mold and pet dander, with help from a partner or family member, can make a significant difference. Indoor exercise is preferable when outdoor air quality is poor. Regular consultation with a healthcare provider remains essential to navigate the specifics of each case effectively.

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