You have choices when thinking about adding to your family. So
why utilize a surrogacy agency instead of an independent surrogacy arrangement?

Some intended parents  independently locate their own surrogate
mother and manage all the legal, medical, financial and travel details
themselves. As you will be dealing with the various emotional aspects of the
pregnancy plus all the logistics, an intended parent can easily get

A reputable surrogacy agency will conduct thorough background
checks and screen potential candidates for any medical and psychological
issues. With an independent arrangement, you may not locate the ideal candidate
for you and your family plus you may expose yourself to a lot of negativities
and risks.

Closely working with Shared Conception or another surrogacy
agency will often eliminate a vast amount of stress, grant you access to the
most thoroughly-screened surrogate mothers, and even arrange financial and
legal assistance. Naturally, a surrogacy agency also provides consistent
psychological and emotional support as well.

A surrogacy agency arranges doctor appointments and possible
travel arrangements that need to be scheduled once the perfect surrogate
mother, for you, is chosen. A surrogacy agency 
will also expertly manage all the logistics involved such as finding
legal counsel, any administrative details, and assist with financial agreements
including, but not limited to, escrow services.

If, by chance, you have already chosen a surrogate and now need
help navigating the entire surrogacy process, a surrogacy agency is always
available to help you and your pre-designated surrogate as much as needed.

While the entire surrogacy process may be potentially daunting, a
surrogacy agency’s goal is to make the arrangement as simple and as enjoyable
as possible. Shared Conception is always at your service and can provide
emotional support while guiding you through each stage of the surrogacy
journey. We are here for you!