Are you considering using a surrogate for your child? If you are, you have probably also thought about whether or not to use a surrogate agency. There are many pros to using a surrogacy agency during this journey.

There are several legal, medical, and procedural requirements that are involved with surrogacy. In the absence of an agency, all the paperwork, compliance, communication with the surrogate, medical information, and other essential requirements become the Intended Parents’ responsibility.

Having a baby, even through surrogacy, is a very emotionally intensive journey. Surrogacy agencies provide ongoing support for both the Intended Parents and the surrogate. Agencies also make sure that communication always remains open between both parties- this is especially important when IPs are trying to track the progress of the pregnancy.

Surrogate agencies also handle the complicated process of screening potential surrogate mothers. Here at Shared Conception, we know that the screening process is imperative and that a lot of thought and research must go into this process. We are not just a surrogate finder—we carefully choose individuals who are perfectly suited for our IPs. The surrogates associated with Shared Conception are unique, strong, caring, committed individuals who all feel compelled to fulfill their personal desire to help intended parents become moms and dads.

While going without an agency may seem to save you money in the short term, it can quickly become an expensive process if there are any issues. One benefit to having an agency is the expertise that is provided in many areas, including surrogacy law, psychological and emotional needs, conflict resolution, failed transfers, pregnancy complications, and other pregnancy issues.

With Shared Conception, our experienced and professional team helps create the best plan for your journey. We want everyone involved to have a positive experience. That is why we encourage all prospective surrogates and intended parents to contact Shared Conception to learn more about our processes. Give us a call or visit to fill out an application request form! We would love to hear from you!