When I tell someone that I have been a surrogate not only once but twice, I often hear how lucky those “people” (Intended Parents) are to have someone like me in their life. I do not like to applaud myself.  I enjoyed every bit of the journey; even the injections in the first trimester. I thought that if I could inject myself with a needle, I could do anything.

As quoted by Joan of Arc, “I’m not afraid, I was born to do this.” This is a shirt I often wear, which was given to me by Shared Conception as my twenty-week gift. This phrase stuck with me because I actually felt as if I was born to be a surrogate; a feeling that I haven’t had with other life experiences.

My second son was born pretty unhealthy. He was fed by a feeding tube for the first few years of his life. We spent years trying to find a diagnosis; visiting doctor after doctor, hospital after hospital and enduring test after test. We still aren’t sure of his diagnoses, even at the age of 8, but he went through many different kinds of tests, doctors, therapies, equipment, hospital stays, etc. Those bills added up. But, I refused to leave his side. I was convinced that no one could take care of him as well as I would, and I didn’t want to miss a single minute of his day. One frustrating night, while adding up the pile of bills we clearly could not pay, I considered becoming a surrogate. This was after an intense online search for jobs from home.  Not one position was designed for me. Then I saw one for surrogacy. I did some research on it and mildly considered it.

I brushed it off….

A couple years later with my son on the mend, getting stronger and weaning off his feeding tube, we were still weighed down with medical debt. I couldn’t ask for more of a discount or extension – the hospitals knew me by my first name and I had memorized almost every account number I had with each medical facility.

At this point, I seriously looked into surrogacy. I had a lengthy conversation with my husband who immediately agreed (shows what kind of pregnant woman I am – very pleasant), and started my research which led me to Shared Conception.

I spoke with Shiva, founder and Director of Shared Conception and she gladly answered all my questions and informed me of the process. I started my paperwork with a little apprehension (as I said, I didn’t like the idea of injections). I was matched very quickly with a lovely couple and began my journey.

Now to add why I am thankful….

I am thankful to Shared Conception for being with me the whole way. Always available and helpful, I can’t think of a better way to go into this “unknown” world without them. Shiva and her team matched me with a beautiful couple, and held my hand throughout my wonderful journey. They provided me with the support I needed when I needed it.

I am also thankful for both of my intended parents in each journey. They too were a great support system and entrusted me with their most precious belonging. I gave birth to the most adorable and lovely little babies. They provided me with the ability to stay home with my son. Without my availability, he would not be where he is today. He is now a thriving 8-year-old who loves to build Legos, play with his brother and snuggle with his mom while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

If you are considering surrogacy, I would highly recommend Shared Conception. Give them a call today!

-Courtney Clinton