Surrogacy Get Together

Shared Conception wants to give you an idea of our fabulous sisterhood of surrogates. Not many people, other than our surrogates can get this point of view. We felt it is important to give anyone considering surrogacy, an idea of this support system that is available for you to receive when you’re a surrogate with Shared Conception.  A few times a year, our group of women warriors, surrogates of the past, present and future, get together and bond over yummy food, fun games and a ton of supportive conversations. Most recently, we even had a surrogate with an upcoming transfer get her first progesterone shot at the gathering! There wasn’t a better group of women to do this with! She had a huge amount of support making her feel better about administering the injection. Some ladies even demonstrated a “how to” tutorial for the matched surrogates who will be beginning their medication in the near future. The end result was… “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” At this White Elephant party which was held at the founder of Shared Conception’s house, Shiva Landry, surrogates shared stories about each of their journeys’. Some were in the beginning, middle or end of a journey. Others were recently matched, while a few had transfer dates approaching, and there were many 2ndand even 3rdtime surrogates there! No matter what stage of the journey they were in, all were able to learn and laugh together.  One of the most important factors in your journey as a surrogate is a support system. The more, the merrier! Choosing Shared Conception as your agency, guarantees unlimited support throughout, and even after your journey. Call for a no pressure conversation to see if surrogacy is something you would like to pursue.