christmas carolWe know.

The holidays can be really rough for couples that want to start their own families.

The holiday commercials can be really hard to watch. Baby’s First Christmas, a 30 second spot from a well-known jewelry retailer can really strike a nerve. Then there are the well-meaning family members who seem to have tons of advice, which they freely share over lengthy holiday meals.

Some family and friends are completely understanding and sensitive to your situation while others are completely clueless. They ask if you’ve tried this, tried the other, and then tell you about their friend’s, cousin’s daughter-in-law who just gave birth to quads. Oh great…just what you wanted to hear.

We understand. This season is centered on family; especially children and this can make you feel like, well Ebenezer Scrooge from the movie A Christmas Carol. So we’d like to offer you a few tips on how to survive this holiday season based on the movie.

Christmas Past

  • Do you have any fond memories of past holidays? Better yet do you have photos of said holidays? How about posting them on your social media networks and giving everybody a big laugh. It’s amazing what laughter can do for the soul.
  • Is there a favorite dish from past holidays that isn’t a part of your now? Why not recreate them?
  • If going to look at the Christmas lights as a kid brought you great joy, go tour some neighborhoods. If going to see the Nutcracker or attending a special Christmas Eve services were happy experiences, make plans to go. Honor past holidays and celebrate the people who made them unforgettable.

Christmas Present

  • Relax – Be good to yourself and relax. Massages, pedicures, workouts if you’re so inclined are great ways to relax this holiday season.
  • Relate – You and your partner find ways to be good to each other this holiday season. It’s not uncommon for couples to take out their frustrations on each other. Stay connected, maybe that massage is a couple’s massage to help you two relate.
  • Release – Exhale this holiday season and breathe. Release yourself from over-committing, overspending and overcompensating. Release yourself, your partner from any anger or guilt from not being able to conceive. Release crazy family members and friends who say incredibly insensitive things this time of year. Release it and let it go.

Christmas Future

  • Know that being infertile isn’t a cruel life sentence. There are lots of options out there and surrogacy is such a great one.
  • Spend some time researching surrogacy programs and surrogacy agencies. With their help you could be welcoming your own bundle of joy this time next year.

You can and will survive this holiday season!