It's hard to believe but the holidays are almost upon us! Alas, for many of us, there are a few not-so-joyous holiday sights (our purses crammed with credit card receipts) and the sounds (cha-ching!) of cash registers ringing up our many purchases. It can be even more challenging when financing the surrogacy process as the Intended Parent or carrying the baby as a surrogate in the midst of the holiday season. Then, it's even more important to forego those gift-giving obligations that sometimes, causes unnecessary financial stress.

The following tips will help keep your holiday spending in check.

1)Find an alternative to gift-giving during the holidays. Instead of exchanging gifts, your family members might want to pool their money and spend it on a holiday outing. As a surrogate, a fun, unique outing will be refreshing and invigorating for your family as you've been somewhat preoccupied with the surrogate pregnancy. As an Intended Parent, cut your holiday spending and emotionally and financially savor and anticipate your soon-to-be baby.

2)If you must buy gifts, cut your expenses elsewhere as necessary. It doesn’t matter where you make cuts, just that you make them. Keeping your spending under control while you’re out there shopping can be a challenge, but keep repeating to yourself the importance of not over-spending. As an Intended Parent going through the surrogacy process, keep thinking about splurging on your highly-anticipated sweet baby! 

3)Set a budget and keep tabs on what you are spending. While you’re doing your holiday shopping, your new best friends should be your checkbook register, credit card statements, and all of your receipts. When you start to add up everything you’re spending, you may be shocked at what all those expenses total. 

As you go through the surrogacy process, it's even more important to watch those gift receipts as you responsibly prepare for a newborn. By keeping your spending under control, you can have a great holiday and avoid the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that occurs when you start getting those credit card bills in the mail. If you prepare properly, you can achieve a happy balance of spending and saving during the holiday season. That’s a great gift in and of itself, for both you and the people you love.