We make it easy to take the first step in starting your family. When an intended parent begins exploring the option of surrogacy, it begins with a conversation. Shared Conception welcomes all who wish to have a conversation regarding this very sensitive subject. 

Shared Conception is a full-service surrogacy agency offering intended parents top notch assistance throughout every special moment of your journey. After all, we realize you have been on quite a rough and bumpy road before you had to consider surrogacy. 

We are committed to finding a surrogate perfect for you. Our extensive matching process allows an amazing journey with an amazing surrogate. We also will guide you towards a happy and healthy parent and surrogate relationship. 

It is important to build and maintain a solid relationship with your surrogate. Throughout the pregnancy, you and your surrogate will have to have a lot of open communication. Decisions need to be made together that will impact her body and your baby. An open dialogue will help your surrogate feel respected, involved and embraced. Remember, many of our surrogates choose surrogacy to experience one of the most selfless acts of kindness. And surrogates with positive experiences, may want to do a sibling journey for the same intended parents, or go and help create another family. 

A good relationship with your surrogate will bring you closer to the experience and to your baby. As an intended parent, you do not want to feel removed from the pregnancy, so a good relationship with your surrogate can make you feel closer to the pregnancy. 

Don’t forget… it takes time to build a relationship. Take time to learn about her, take advantage of the information Shared Conception provides you about your surrogate. And, it’s okay to begin a conversation with “I’m nervous”. 

No two journeys are the same and there is no right or wrong way to open a dialogue with your surrogate. But our goal is that you enjoy your journey and receive the best gift of all.