If you are finished growing your family and have had a tubal ligation, you can still qualify to become a surrogate mother. Many women choose this process after their families are complete as a means for permanent birth control. Although there are other requirements that you must meet to be a qualified candidate for surrogacy, having a tubal ligation will not impact your chances to be a gestational carrier. This is a great way to give back and bless an infertile couple with a biological child of their own.

A Gestational Surrogate carries a child that is not biologically connected to her. The surrogate mother’s eggs are not used. Instead, an embryo from the Intended Parents is used. Sometimes these embryos are created with a donor sperm, donor egg or the sperm and egg from the Intended Parents. Regardless of how the embryo is created, your eggs are never used. Therefore, if you have had a tubal ligation, it does not affect your chances of becoming pregnant through IVF. In fact, a woman could have no fallopian tubes at all and still be able to carry a baby through IVF.

Women who are interested in surrogacy and have had their tubes tied, are even sometimes a preferred candidate because there is no chance that she will become pregnant with her own child during the process.

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