Infertility struggles affect celebrities too. As picture perfect as their lives may seem, infertility does not discriminate. Many well-known celebrities have turned to surrogacy as an option to create or expand their family. Some were very public about their struggles and others kept their choices private. Here are five celebrities you may not know, who used gestational carriers.

Robert Deniro. The Oscar winner and his wife welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy in 2011. This was not Deniro’s first surrogacy journey. He has twin 16-year-old sons that were born via surrogacy.

Jimmy Fallon. Although he and his wife kept their surrogacy journey a secret until their daughter’s birth, the late night host has been outspoken about their struggle with infertility and their five-year quest for treatments, before they decided on surrogacy.

Deidre Hall. In the early 90’s, this Days of Our Lives star and her former husband, used a surrogate at two separate times to have their two boys. This was done long before the procedure was as popular as it is today.

Ricky Martin. In 2008 the singer welcomed twin boys into the world via surrogate. Martin was very public about his gratitude towards his surrogate by showing his love and appreciation for all women that decide to become surrogates.

George Lucas. The accomplished director and Star Wars mastermind, had a daughter via surrogacy in 2013. This was his first biological child. The little baby girl joined Lucas’s 3 other adopted children.

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