There are many assumptions about surrogates and surrogacy that are completely incorrect. This is often due to the lack of knowledge and education about the process. Surrogacy is actually an intricate process that involves many parties. Lawyers, doctors, psychologists and surrogacy agencies, all have a role in creating a perfect match of Intended Parents and Gestational Carrier. Surprisingly, demands for surrogates are high. There are many other countries where surrogacy is illegal, which brings many international couples to the United States in search of a surrogate mother.

One of the most common misconceptions is that the surrogate mother would be genetically related to the child. A gestational carrier has an embryo, created by the intended mother (or egg donor) and intended father’s sperm (or donor sperm), placed in her uterus. The embryo has no genetic link to the gestational carrier. The surrogate provides a safe, warm and nutritious space for the embryo to thrive.

Getting attached is usually a popular first question when discussing surrogacy. For any mother, the idea alone of parting with their newborn is devastating. For a gestational carrier, it is expected. It is the end of a journey. Only a surrogate can understand the joy of seeing a couple that has tried so hard to start their family, finally be able hold their baby in their arms.

Unfortunately, many hopeful parents are led to believe that surrogacy is unaffordable. It’s not inexpensive but many families have grown their family via surrogacy. Shared Conception is open to talking about finances and helping you make your dreams of a family, a reality.

Surrogacy is slowly becoming more accepted into today’s society. Shared Conception is dedicated to walking you through this process and achieving your goal of creating or expanding your family. Contact us with any questions; we will be happy to speak with you.