There can be lots of questions when intended parents and surrogates team up to create a baby. One of the most frequently asked questions is about the contact between the surrogate and intended parents post journey.

The answer isn’t straightforward as every relationship and journey is not the same. Both the intended parents and surrogates decide together how much contact they would like to have once the baby is born. And, sometimes it changes throughout the process. A lot of our families get closer to the surrogates than they expected.

Some families want to stay in close contact. After all, this is an emotional experience and some parents want their surrogate to remain in their lives forever. Others end the relationship when the baby is born. Some intended parents wish to begin their life with their newborn on their own. Although they will be forever grateful to their surrogate, some feel more comfortable with this arrangement.

With the advances in communication and technology, emails, Facebook, Skype and FaceTime seem to be the most popular forms of contact after the baby is born. This is a great way for the surrogate to see the baby grow without feeling the pressures of communication.

Whatever the situation, whether daily contact, limited communication or somewhere in between, each team of intended parent and surrogate decide the amount of contact they feel comfortable with, after the baby is born. This is another great feature of working with an agency. Shared Conception’s matching process makes sure both parties’ wishes of communication post journey are similar.

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