Becoming a surrogate or deciding to use Surrogacy to help create your family, is a big choice for both you and your family. It not a snap decision. You weigh your options, do your research and take days, months or even years to conclude whether it’s the right path for you. Most intended parents, and surrogates have endless questions about this sometimes daunting process. Shared Conception’s goal is to make this delicate process less stressful and more enjoyable for all parties. Here are the benefits to choosing a surrogacy agency.

1.) All surrogates and intended parents are pre-screened and MUST meet strict medical financial and psychological requirements.

Trust takes on a new meaning when on a surrogacy journey. Surrogates must trust the intended parents in order to feel comfortable carrying their baby, and the intended parents must trust the surrogate mother to take good care of herself for the sake of their baby. Each party is placed in a very vulnerable position with one another. Shared Conception pre-screens all surrogate mothers and intended parents before moving into the contract phase. At this point, everyone involved will have passed a criminal background check, psychological evaluation, and medical screening.

2.) Assistance with legal contracts

Reading and going over a surrogacy contract yourself can be extremely overwhelming. We have fabulous lawyers we recommend for this part of the process.

3.) Medical benefits

Let’s face it, insurance is confusing. Imagine how confusing it is when you are either a surrogate or intended parent. What is covered? Does the surrogate’s insurance cover the pregnancy? What if there are tests that intended parents ask for, that are not covered? What do I do if my surrogate does not have insurance? Let us help guide you through the confusions of insurance.

4.) Matching

After the initial application process for both the surrogates and intended parents is complete, Shared Conception ensures that your expectations in terms of communication, relationship, and delivery are known. Our team will then take these expectations and the knowledge they have of both the intended parents and surrogates, and create a profile and match them based on their desires for a similar journey.

5.) Support

Not using an agency will leave you without the kind of support that’s needed for a flawless journey. We provide exceptional services and are by your side no matter what. Shared Conception is a stellar agency that stands out from the rest. Call us!