Surrogacy requires MANY doctor visits. You begin your journey with medical evaluations, psychology screenings and clinic visits, and that is before the IVF process! After the IVF procedure, it’s still not your usual pregnancy…. For the first trimester, blood is drawn weekly and ultrasounds are done every week or two and then you are released to your own OBGYN – at the beginning of your second trimester.

Now breathe.

Pregnancy is a little smoother sailing in the second trimester of your journey – and rightfully so; you don’t have to see the doctors as often. BUT you still need to watch closely for changes in your health. And, it is still important to consult your doctor before doing or feeling anything out of the ordinary such as:

  • Traveling
  • Beginning a new medication
  • Considering a new activity
  • Taking a fall
  • Beginning a new exercise regimen
  • Starting a new diet
  • Getting into a car accident
  • Feeling any pain or bleeding
  • Changes in the baby’s movement
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in your hands, fingers or face
  • Pain and cramping in your arms, legs or chest
  • Basically trying anything new or feeling anything new

This list can go on forever. Bottom line is if you are unsure if a symptom is serious, or don’t feel like yourself, trust your instincts!

Seeing your doctor about your concerns can help put your mind at ease. If there is a problem, you will get immediate attention, if not, you will be happy that you at least got checked out. After all, your job is to do everything in your power to have a healthy baby and safe pregnancy. Although it is common to have concerns about “what might be,” most of the time there isn’t much to worry about. Regardless, it is important to know when to call your doctor, midwife or nurse.

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