As we all know from our bio babes, pregnancy causes so many changes to the body. It can be uncomfortable at times and even downright challenging. Not to mention after giving birth! Although body changes during and after pregnancy are natural, some struggle with keeping a positive body image during and after pregnancy.


After all, taking on the task of becoming a surrogate is not an easy one. Body changes come with the territory but can still be uncomfortable. As you go through your journey, keep some of these things in mind:


Pregnancy doesn’t last forever – enjoy the moment! Even if your body is changing, as it should, focus on the good you are accomplishing, the love and nourishment the baby needs, and the love you need to stay a happy and healthy pregnant surrogate.

Express yourself – talk to your support network! Keeping your feelings and concerns to yourself will do you no good. Or, give Shared Conception a call. We are happy to help!

You are not alone.

Be active – this doesn’t mean exhausting yourself with demanding physical workouts and activity! A walk or swim can help clear your mind and make you feel good!

Treat yourself – get your hair done, nails, pedicure, massage (as long as your doctor approves). Do something for yourself! You may find that self-care can raise your confidence and improve your mood.


Post Delivery

After the baby is born, you must give your body time to adjust. It is essential to provide it with the time it needs to balance itself out. Don’t rush. Some of our surrogates have had success in pumping for their surro-babe or through donating their milk. Pumping releases oxytocin which helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size. You are also more likely to lose the weight gained during pregnancy. That’s a win-win!


We all deal with different changes as all our bodies are not the same. Some women encounter stretch marks, acne, fatigue, etc. These changes can be hard to manage while pregnant and as our hormones balance – even after delivery. But always remember, the most important takeaway from this journey is to know you are delivering a miracle, and it is important to remain confident and comfortable with your body.


Why not take the next step and open a dialogue with Shared Conception? Give us a call today. We want you to be informed, fulfilled, and satisfied, knowing you contributed to the world in a unique and precious way.  Also, you can visit to begin an application to become a gestational surrogate and find out more information!