At Shared Conception we sometimes get asked,  “Who are these intended parents? Who
comes looking for a surrogate?”

Intended parents are police officers, executives, teachers,
attorneys, stay-at-home moms, single dads, athletes and possibly even the
person you pass in the grocery store or who is sitting next to you in the park.
Intended parents are ordinary people desiring an extraordinary circumstance so
they can complete their family

There are a few categories intended parents sometimes fall into.
First, there are couples who have had problems getting pregnant on their own.
Whether because of past medical problems, or not being able to carry a baby to
full term, some women’s bodies simply cannot produce a baby.

Other women who come to Shared Conception, or any other surrogacy
agency, have had medical issues such as having her uterus removed or not being
born with a uterus.  Other women may have
a disability which prevents them from reproducing. These women look toward
surrogates to fulfill their wishes of having a biological baby.

Some couples try IVF treatments without success. This can
sometimes be a costly and highly emotional avenue to take in order to have a
baby. If successful treatments are not met, these types of intended parents
also look toward surrogates to help.

For gay men, surrogacy is a way to conceive a child that is
biologically connected to one or both partners through the process of
insemination or IVF. While less common, a lesbian couple may also use a
surrogate mother if one or both partners are unable to produce an egg to be
fertilized or unable to carry a child to term.

Whatever the case, a surrogacy agency, such as Shared Conception,
is ready to help intended parents fulfill the vision they have for their