We at Shared Conception know surrogacy is a wonderful way to grow your family! To us there’s nothing more rewarding than connecting intended parents and the right surrogate mother! The fruit of our labor is cute and cuddly and downright adorable.

Lots of celebrities are growing their families through surrogacy and here are a few of our favorites!


Giuliana Rancic – Giuliana and her hubby Bill found a surrogate to carry their baby. Their first child, a boy named Edward Duke, arrived in late August 2012.

Nicole Kidman – Bet you didn’t know she used a surrogate! Yep, she and husband Keith Urban had a baby girl through gestational surrogacy.

Sarah Jessica Parker – She and hubby Matthew Broderick had twins via a surrogate!

Neil Patrick – Doogie Howser star and his partner David Burtka grew their family via surrogacy. The two are proud papas of their fraternal twins Gideon and Harper.

Angela Bassett – Waiting to Exhale actress, Angela Bassett and hubby Courtney B. Vance tried for seven years to start a family and finally decided on surrogacy. They are the proud parents of fraternal twins of Slater and Brownyn.

Surrogacy isn’t just for rock stars and famous actors and actresses, regular people living regular lives also use surrogates everyday! If you’re one of them, tell us your story and maybe we’ll feature you in one of our blog posts!