There are several great blog sites available that journey through the process of surrogacy. Here are a few of our favorite blogs to check out!

– A Surrogate’s Journey. ( Brandy is a surrogate who writes a blog geared toward people considering being a surrogate or using one. She is candid, open and honest about her journey.

– Life of a Surrogate. ( Kim is a blogger who has already been a surrogate and is on her journey to be a surrogate again. This is an honest blogger who details the highs, and lows, of being a surrogate.

– 4 Star Womb. ( This mother of four is starting her first surrogacy. It’s so exciting to watch her experience all pregnancy has to offer!

– I’m Not the Mom, I’m Just the Stork. ( A two-time surrogate shares the stories of her life.

What are you favorite bloggers to follow?