Throughout the nation, there are an increasing number of gay couples who want a family to call their own.  Gay men, especially,  have risen to the top of the list of “eager parents.” Their need to become daddies and to love a baby is incredibly powerful.

Surrogates, a remarkable group of giving and compassionate women, believe everyone has the right to love a child. And many of these ladies are hearing the pleas of gay couples who are yearning to be fathers.

Same-sex couples have come to learn that leaning on the guidance of a reputable agency, such as Shared Conception, is an excellent pathway towards parenthood.  Likewise, women wanting to pursue surrogacy to help a loving couple achieve intended-parent dreams are realizing the multiple benefits of being partnered with a highly regarded surrogacy agency.

Many same-sex couples describe the surrogacy process as purely magical.  Because of these special women, gay men are able to become daddies and their biological yearnings can be fulfilled. Through surrogacy, a gay couple’s home can now be filled with the love, kisses and hugs of their own child.

For those interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate, contact our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception. We can help change lives.